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Hanbo Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the research, production, and sale of digital products, mobile phone, including USB flash disks, Mp3 players, Gift, and card reader. We also have extensive experience in the manufacturing of computer peripherals, network products, and communication equipment.
We have enlarged our production space and now have a full scale R&D department. Our focus is to provide new and innovative products, designed for both the domestic and international markets. In this competitive industry, features, style, and price are vital for successful sales and customer satisfaction, so we have established a well educated and experienced technical team to develop the latest in digital products.

Our products are exported to Southeast Asia, America, and Europe and have solid reputation for product quality, on time delivery, and excellent service. We are always looking forward to expanding our customer base and invite you to contact us for further information!

Tel: 13434444100

Mailbox: sales@hanbo.cc

URL: http://www.hanbo.cc

Address: Room2702,Building A,Fenglin International Center,Longgang District,Shenzhen 

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